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Ladies and Gentlemen,
We have the pleasure and honor to invite you to the IIIrd International Urban Regeneration Congress - Regeneration in urban policy, which will be held in Krakow on the 4 - 6 June 2014.
Again, we will meet with you in the Nowa Huta Cultural Centre (232, Jana Pawła II Avenue - Central Square), in the vicinity of the "old" Nowa Huta, a model city from the socialist realism period, today a district of Krakow listed as a cultural asset in the register of historic monuments, currently being intensively regenerated.
We invite all persons connected with the issue of revitalization to participate in the IIIrd Congress: animators, practitioners, experts, scientists and everybody for whom those issues are of interest.
We will make every effort to ensure that the deliberations of the Congress and the atmosphere among the participants were at least as good as in the previous congresses.
Please find enclosed more information about the Congress, the program content and the necessary formalities. For further information please refer to our website http://irm.krakow.pl/en/urban_regeneration.html
We hope to meet you again in Krakow – a very warm welcome

Institute of Urban Development
ul. Cieszyńska 2 , 30-015 Krakow
+ 48 12 634 29 53 , fax 48 12 633 94 05
e-mail: ' kongres@irm.krakow.pl '



                             REVITALISATION OF POLISH CITIES
          as a Measure to Preserve Material and Spiritual Heritage
                           and as a Sustainable Growth Factor

 The Project is implemented based on a contract with the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) by a consortium, composed of: Institute of Urban Development (IRM) (as the Lead Partner), and Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and Jagiellonian University (UJ) (as Project Partners). Also involved in the Project is the Association "Forum of Revitalization" (FR). The scientific activities are financed from funds allocated to science in 2007-2010, and conducted as a commissioned research project.

          Project duration: June 2007 - June 2010

PROJECT LEADER: Prof. Zygmunt Ziobrowski (IRM)
PROJECT COORDINATOR: Dr. Wojciech Jarczewski (IRM)
Prof. Zygmunt Ziobrowski (IRM) - Chairman
Prof. Marek Bryx (SGH)
Prof. Bolesław Domański (UJ)
Prof. Krzysztof Skalski (UJ), on behalf of FR
Dr. Wojciech Jarczewski (IRM) - Secretary

Revitalization is a coordinated process, conducted jointly by local government authorities, local community and other stakeholders, which constitutes an element of the development policy and is aimed at preventing the degradation of urban space and crisis phenomena, as well as stimulating development and qualitative changes, through the enhancement of social and economic activities, improvement of living environments and preservation of national heritage, in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.


  • to determine ways and methods of urban revitalisation, which would enable the preservation of national heritage that exists in cities and towns, and would support their sustainable development
  • to create a sample model of urban revitalisation in Poland, which would foster the preservation of material and spiritual heritage, including the implementation of that model based on a selected example
  • to establish information, education, legal and organizational bases for accelerating and increasing the effectiveness of revitalisation processes in Poland

                                 Graphics: A.Ziobrowska


  • a publishing series, comprising ca. 12 publications, titled Rewitalizacja miast polskich [Revitalisation of Polish Cities]
  • an Internet portal, constituting the revitalisation knowledge and good practice database, providing a tool for monitoring the problems of degradation and processes of urban revitalisation
  • assumptions of national revitalisation policy, including its instruments and proposals for legislation changes
  • post-graduate studies and a system of training to enable teaching of personnel for the needs of revitalisation
  • a model of revitalisation of Polish cities and towns

The Project results are published in a publishing series titled Rewitalizacja miast polskich [Revitalisation of Polish Cities]. The series will comprise ca. 12 volumes, which will concern international experience, the scale of the problem in Poland and existing experiences in urban revitalisation in Poland, as well as assumptions of national revitalisation policy and target revitalisation models. The following items was published in 2009 and 2010:

* Volume 1. Rewitalizacja miast w Wielkiej Brytanii [Revitalisation of Cities in the United Kingdom],
  joint work edited by R.Guzik  Summary PDF
* Volume 2. Rewitalizacja we Francji – zarządzanie przekształceniami obszarów kryzysowych w miastach [Revitalisation in France: Managing Transformations of Crisis Areas in Cities],
  Krzysztof Skalski  Summary PDF
* Volume 3. Rewitalizacja miast w Niemczech [Revitalisation of Cities in Germany],
  joint work edited by M.Bryx and A.Jadach-Sepioło  Summary PDF
* Volume 4. Przestrzenne aspekty rewitalizacji [Spatial Aspects of Revitalization],
  joint work edited by W.Jarczewski  Summary PDF
* Volume 5. Demograficzne i społeczne uwarunkowania rewitalizacji miast w Polsce [Demographic and Social Determinants of Revitalisation of Polish Cities],
  joint work edited by A.Zborowski  Summary PDF
* Volume 6. Aspekty prawne i zarządzanie procesami rewitalizacji [Legal Aspects and Managing of Revitalisation Processes],
  joint work edited by W.Rydzik  Summary PDF
* Volume 7. Finansowanie i gospodarka nieruchomościami w procesach rewitalizacji [Financing and Property Management in Revitalisation Processes],
  joint work edited by M.Bryx  Summary PDF
* Volume 8. Rewitalizacja miast polskich - diagnoza [Revitalisation of Polish Cities - diagnosis],
  joint work edited by Z.Ziobrowski and W.Jarczewski  Summary PDF

Volume 9. Założenia polityki rewitalizacji w Polsce [Main Assumptions of Urban Regeneration Policy in Poland],
  joint work edited by Z.Ziobrowski
  Summary PDF
* Volume 10. Model rewitalizacji miast [Model of Urban Regeneration],
  Karol Janas, Wojciech Jarczewski, Wiesław Wańkowicz
Volume 11. System monitorowania rewitalizacji [A System for Regeneration Monitoring],
  Wojciech Jarczewski, Janusz Jeżak

* Volume 12. Przykłady rewitalizacji miast [Examples of Urban Regeneration],
  joint work edited by A.Muzioł-Węcławowicz   Summary PDF
* Project Summary  - Rewitalizacja miast polskich jako sposób zachowania dziedzictwa materialnego i duchowego oraz czynnik zrównoważonego rozwoju [Regeneration of Polish Towns as a Method of Preserving Material and Spiritual Heritage and a Sustainable Development Factor],
  Bolesław Domański, Zygmunt Ziobrowski


The publishing series will be continued.




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