East Meets West – Contemporary Urban Issues Revisited

2018-10-22 | IRMiR

2nd International Conference of the Urban Development Issues Journal On 5th and 6th October 2018, National Institute for Spatial Policy and Housing in cooperation with Institute of Geography and Spatial Management (Jagiellonian University) organised the second edition of Urban Development Issues journal conference. Authors of 19 oral presentations (3 keynotes) and 1 poster represented 8 […]

,,Space for dialogue” handbook

2018-08-01 | IRMiR

The team from National Institute for Spatial Policy and Housing, led by Dorota Szlenk-Dziubek and Magdalena Miśkowiec, wrote a book within POWER 2014-2020 project. It is practical handbook about how to lead public participation in spatial planning. Public participation means involvement of individuals, groups and local communities in public decision making. In the last few years […]